Sedation Dentistry in Swanton, OH

Sedation dentistry Swanton

Visiting the dentist not only keeps your oral health in check, but also helps you avoid costly and invasive dental treatment in the future. Still, Dental Health Associates in Swanton realizes that anxiety and fear of visiting the dentist are common emotions that keep countless people from getting the dental care they need. Our team is committed to providing gentle and comprehensive treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We offer IV and oral sedation techniques to patients who are nervous about receiving dental care or face other issues that may prevent them from getting routine dental care.

If you are nervous about receiving dental treatment, whether it’s a routine cleaning or more complex dental procedure, speak to our team today about sedation dentistry.

Can I Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

You may benefit from sedation dentistry if you avoid dental treatment due to:

  • Stress or anxiety of dental procedures
  • Strong or overactive gag reflex
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Difficulty sitting still for long periods of time

Sedation dentistry can be used for almost any type of dental treatment, including routine dental cleanings, teeth fillings, dental crowns, root canals and implant surgery. Our team will evaluate your medical history and current state of health to ensure sedation dentistry is safe for you.

What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry

Often referred to as twilight sedation, IV sedation puts patients in a “dream-like” state during treatment, allowing them to remain awake but not feel anything and have little to no memory of treatment after.

IV sedation is administered directly into your bloodstream through an IV in your arm or hand. The medication blocks the pain impulses from the teeth and gum tissue. During treatment, you will not feel any pain but you will remain conscious and be able to respond to all of our questions and requests. Our team will monitor your vital signs and can adjust the level of medication to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. Thanks to the effects of IV sedation, long or invasive dental treatments will feel comfortable and as if they were completed in a matter of minutes.

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Immediately after your treatment, you may feel slightly groggy due to the effects of the sedation medication. This is normal and should subside after a few hours. However, you will need to have someone bring you to your appointment, drive you home and stay with you while you recover from the procedure. IV sedation makes dental treatment painless and comfortable. Best of all, you will have little, if any, recollection of it after.

Oral sedation involves taking a pill prior to your dental treatment. Similar to IV sedation, oral sedation puts you in a very relaxed state. Unlike IV sedation, oral sedation does not relieve pain, so a local anesthetic will need to be administered in order to relieve pain. You may feel drowsy for up to 24 hours after your treatment, which means you will need to have someone drive you home from our office.

Don’t let fear or anxiety keep you from getting the dental care you need. To learn more about IV sedation, please contact us at Dental Health Associates and request an appointment today. We will happily make all the accommodations necessary to help you feel completely relaxed and at ease during your visit with us.