Six Month Smiles® in Swanton, OH

Do you desire straighter teeth but are concerned about spending years wearing bulky metal braces and paying for them? Thanks to the latest advancements in orthodontic technology, this is no longer your only option. Dental Health Associates, serving Swanton and the surrounding area, offers patients like you the chance to obtain a beautiful and uniform smile in a short time span. Six Month Smiles® uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to effectively and discreetly straighten teeth to the desired position. With Six Month Smiles®, you can dramatically improve your smile in just a fraction of the time needed for braces.

How Does Six Month Smiles® Work?

Six Month Smiles® straightens teeth using the same principles as traditional orthodontics. It uses a series of brackets and wires to apply pressure to the teeth so that they move into the desired position. But the treatment differs from traditional braces and clear aligner systems in that it only focuses on the anterior (front) teeth and not on the position of the bite. For this reason, Six Month Smiles® is more appropriate for patients who wish to straighten their teeth for aesthetic purposes and are bothered by the appearance of slightly overcrowded teeth and spacing issues. Patients with severe teeth misalignment or bite issues may require a more extensive orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles® offers several advantages over other orthodontic systems, including:

Design: Six Month Smiles® uses tooth-colored brackets and thin wires for discreet teeth straightening.

Treatment time: The average treatment time with Six Month Smiles® is six months, which is faster than with both traditional braces and clear aligner systems like Invisalign.

Comfort: Because Six Month Smiles® braces won’t significantly change your bite, treatment is more comfortable than other orthodontic systems.

Cost: For most patients, Six Month Smiles® braces are more affordable than traditional orthodontics and clear aligners.

The only way to find out if Six Month Smiles® is right for you is by scheduling an orthodontic evaluation with an experienced dentist, like those at Dental Health Associates. During your initial evaluation, we will evaluate your teeth and take X-rays, photographs and impressions of your bite to determine the severity of your case. Keep in mind that more complicated orthodontic issues may require longer and more invasive treatment like traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles Procedure Details

If we determine that Six Month Smiles® is the right treatment option for you, we will attach the tooth-colored brackets and thin wires to your teeth. The number of teeth that will need to have brackets and wires applied will depend on the degree of correction needed. During treatment, the clear braces will gently reposition the teeth by applying gentle pressure.

Using dental impressions of your teeth, we will plan out the details of your treatment including the amount of tooth movement needed and the placement of the clear brackets and wires. Once in place, the braces and wires will work to apply gentle pressure to the teeth. You will return to our office every four to five weeks so we can adjust and tighten the wires as needed. Once treatment is complete, we may recommend you wear a removable or fixed retainer to maintain your teeth-straightening results.

To learn more about Six Month Smiles®, schedule a consultation with Dental Health Associates. Contact our Swanton dental practice today.