Full Arch Replacement in Swanton, OH

Full arch dental implant replacements Swanton

Having a full set of strong, healthy teeth gives you the ability to enjoy all of your favorite foods and smile with ease and confidence. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, a full arch replacement with Dental Health Associates in Swanton may be right for you. A full arch replacement is a fixed dental bridge anchored to dental implant posts. The implant posts, made of high-quality titanium, are surgically inserted into strategic locations in the jawbone, providing a secure and stable foundation for the fixed dental bridge and a long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

Benefits of Full Arch Replacement

There are a number of treatment options for missing teeth, but the security that comes with full arch replacement is unparalleled. Because they are connected to implant posts, full arch replacement teeth do not shift or slip out of the mouth, a concern with conventional dentures. This allows you to eat, speak, chew and smile without any worry.

Full arch replacement teeth permanently remain in the mouth (unless they are removed by a dentist) and hence do not require special maintenance or care as is the case with removable dentures. In addition, the placement of dental implants prevents bone loss, preserving a normal and youthful facial appearance. The implant posts stimulate the jawbone, which minimizes the risk of dental problems.

Full Arch Replacement Procedure Details

Full arch replacement is typically performed over the course of several dental appointments spaced several weeks apart. In the first appointment, our dentists will examine your teeth and mouth and determine the number and location of the dental implant posts needed. If teeth need to be extracted, we will do so during a surgical procedure. We will also insert the implant posts into the jawbone. In a process called osseointegration, the implant posts will fuse with the surrounding jawbone. Osseointegration takes several months to complete. In the meantime, we will place temporary teeth in your mouth so you can eat and chew as normal.

Once the jawbone is fully healed and the posts have integrated with the surrounding bone, you will return to our office so we can fit and securely install your full arch replacement. Your prosthetic will be fabricated using strong, lifelike materials that will be matched to the unique specifications of your mouth for a natural-looking result.

With proper care, your full arch replacement can last for many years. You should brush and floss your replacement teeth as you would your regular teeth. Keep all your six-month dental appointments with our team. Routine checkups are important so we can monitor your oral health and make sure your replacement teeth are functioning properly.

Dental Health Associates in Swanton is committed to providing long-lasting dental solutions so patients can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. To find out if a full arch replacement is right for you, please schedule an appointment with our Swanton office today.