Full Mouth Reconstruction in Swanton, OH

When teeth and gums are decayed or damaged, your oral health is put at risk and your ability to eat and speak is compromised. In addition, research shows that poor oral health is linked to certain health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.

If you have broken or damaged teeth, full mouth reconstruction may be the best solution. Full mouth reconstruction is a multi-step treatment that involves several restorative dental treatments to rehabilitate the teeth and gums. The trusted restorative dentists at Dental Health Associates in Swanton, OH have years of experience treating even the most complex cases requiring rebuilding of the teeth and gums. Full mouth reconstruction is carefully planned and executed using the latest dental technology and high-quality dental materials. In addition, our experienced lab technicians work to ensure your crowns and bridges are custom-made to your satisfaction. By employing a personalized approach, our specialized dental team has helped hundreds of patients enjoy the feel and function of healthy teeth.

Do You Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

You may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction if you have two or more of the following issues:

  • Missing teeth due to decay or damage
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Worn out tooth enamel due to decay or teeth grinding
  • Gum disease or receding gums
  • Bite problems, including jaw, muscle or headache pain

Full mouth reconstruction is a highly individualized treatment. Prior to treatment, our dentists meet with every patient to determine their specific oral health needs and goals. We perform a thorough examination that will guide us in designing a treatment plan that achieves the best results.

Full Mouth Construction Treatment Details

Depending on the extent of treatment, full mouth reconstruction may be performed in stages or all at once. Your full mouth reconstruction may include two or more of the following:

Dental crowns or caps placed over teeth to restore normal health and function. Crowns are crafted using porcelain or similar materials to blend in seamlessly with natural teeth. In addition to traditional crown placement, Dental Health Associates offers same-day crown placement with the innovative CEREC dental restoration system.

Dental bridges to close the gap left by a missing tooth. Bridges consist of an artificial tooth (pontic) supported or “anchored” by the adjacent teeth.

Dentures to restore all teeth in the upper arch, lower arch or both. Dentures can be supported by implants for increased stability and support.

Dental implants to replace one or several missing teeth. Implants consist of three parts: a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone, an abutment and a dental restoration. Dental implants can be used to anchor dental crowns, bridges or dentures.

Gum therapy, including gum surgery, laser gum therapy and gum recontouring, to treat various stages of gum (periodontal) diseases.

Orthodontic treatment to straighten misaligned teeth or correct bite problems. Dental Health Associates offers traditional orthodontics (i.e., metal brackets) and modern orthodontics (e.g., Invisalign™). Depending on the specific treatment and degree of correction needed, treatment can last from several months to two years.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

How does full mouth reconstruction differ from smile makeover?

Full mouth reconstruction and smile makeover are two dental treatments that may include the same procedures and treatments. The difference is that full mouth reconstruction is considered medically necessary while smile makeover is an elective treatment.

Are all full mouth reconstructions alike?

No. Your full mouth reconstruction plan will be unique to your needs and goals. Our dentists will work closely with you to determine the exact details of your plan to ensure it aligns with your needs and goals.

What are the benefits of full mouth reconstruction?

Rehabilitating teeth and gums with full mouth reconstruction offers a number of benefits. First, it restores your oral health and minimizes the risk of serious dental problems brought on by decayed gums, teeth and/or missing teeth. By rebuilding teeth or correcting misalignment issues, the bite is strengthened, making chewing and eating easier.

In addition to health and functional benefits, full mouth reconstruction also offers cosmetic benefits. The procedure can straighten crooked teeth and replace missing teeth for a complete and harmonious smile.

What will my dental restorations be made of?

Your dental restorations can be made of several materials, such as metal alloy, gold, composite resin and porcelain. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, which we can discuss with you in detail during an in-person appointment.

How long will it take to receive my permanent dental restorations?

Traditionally, dental restorations like dental crowns, bridges and implants took several weeks to be prepared and placed. But thanks to the innovative CEREC system, we can plan, create and place strong and durable dental restorations made of beautiful and natural-looking porcelain in a single dental appointment. Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about CEREC.

How long does full mouth reconstruction take?

Most full mouth reconstructions involve several stages over the course of weeks or months. We can provide you with a specific timeline upon meeting with you and determining the exact procedures and treatments you need.

I am nervous about getting dental treatment. What can I do?

If you are nervous or anxious about receiving dental treatment, or if you have a difficult time sitting in the dental chair for a long period of time, sedation dentistry techniques are available. Sedation techniques can be used during almost any type of dental procedure and are effective in putting patients at ease during treatment. Speak to our team to learn more about sedation dentistry.

How much does treatment cost?

The exact cost of your treatment will depend on the exact procedures performed, as well as the dental materials and techniques used. After you meet with our team, we can give you an exact estimate of your treatment cost.

Does insurance cover full mouth reconstruction?

Your insurance may cover a portion or all of your full mouth reconstruction depending on the exact details of your plan. Our team will help you determine what your insurance plan covers and, if needed, discuss financing options available to help you pay for treatment.

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