Mini Dental Implants in Swanton, OH

Dental implants are a popular restorative option used to replace missing teeth, in turn restoring the normal function and look of a complete set of teeth. Although safe and long-lasting, traditional dental implants are not for everyone. Patients who do not have enough jawbone to accommodate a full-size dental implant, or simply want to avoid the extensive surgery and recovery associated with traditional implants, have another option: mini dental implants.

At Dental Health Associates, our dentists are highly trained and experienced in several dental implant techniques, including mini dental implants. Our team can meet with you to discuss your options and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

The Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants offer all of the advantages that traditional implants do. They consist of a titanium post that is fused with the jawbone to provide long-lasting stability to the artificial tooth or teeth. With mini dental implants, there is no need to worry that your replacement teeth will slip out, allowing you to eat, speak and smile confidently. Mini dental implants also prevent teeth from shifting around or the facial structures from collapsing. In addition, mini dental implants are crafted using the same high-quality materials that are used to create standard implants. This means your mini dental implants will look and feel like natural teeth.

Mini dental implants offer several benefits over standard sized implants. However, in contrast to standard implants they:

  • Have a smaller diameter and only consist of two parts (the post and dental restoration). This makes mini dental implants the preferred choice for patients with not enough jawbone or room between the tooth roots to support a standard-sized implant.
  • Are placed in one single, minimally invasive dental appointment.
  • Involve a much shorter recovery and healing than traditional implants.
  • Are cost effective.

Candidacy for mini dental implants is determined on a case-by-case basis. Our team can determine whether standard or mini implants are right for you upon evaluating your oral health status, needs and goals.

Mini Dental Implant Treatment Details

The mini dental implant process is a less invasive procedure than traditional implant placing that involves less tools and steps to complete. During your first visit, we will take an impression. The precise placement of the implants is planned carefully and the procedure typically takes two hours to complete, during your second visit. To begin, we may apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Then, we will create a small opening in the gum tissue where the implant post will be inserted and tightened into place. The dental restoration will be placed on top of the post and final adjustments will be made to ensure a proper bite.

Following the procedure, minor discomfort is normal yet temporary. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to alleviate the pain. Your mini dental implant will be ready to use as normal almost immediately after placement. We advise that you eat light and soft foods for the rest of the day. With good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups with our team, your mini dental implant should last for many years.

To discuss your dental implant options, including mini dental implants, please contact Dental Health Associates today.